19. September 2016

What’s SAP PLM?

What’s SAP PLM?

SAP PLM is the only system in the world that offers the possibility, to illustrate all company ERP and PLM processes in one system without interfaces. This is particularly efficient because all of the necessary ERP and PLM data is always available through every step in the company’s processes and facilitates company-wide change management without gaps between systems.

In addition to phenomenal savings in operating costs for the company due to excellent process optimization the IT costs are also significantly reduced, because the interface costs and the ID administration costs are minimized. The PLM process, which always begins with product development, is based on the operation of CAD systems. The SAP PLM CAD direct integrations, which CIDEON Software develops, make an external PDM System superfluous and substantially simplify the company-wide DP landscape.


What technical advantages does SAP PLM CAD Direct Integration have compared to an external PDM System?

  • All document- and material information are located in one system so there is no duplication of data storage.
  • Integrated parts lists systems and transition to all processes such as engineering parts lists, project parts lists, production parts lists, maintenance parts lists etc. are possible.
  • All CAD relevant data can be instantaneously associated with unlimited company processes.
  • Direct data preparation without interfaces from proposal system, purchase order system, material management, Engineering, Technology, Production, delivery and Service in one system.
  • Continuous change management.