26. September 2016

3DX xPDM – SAP Interface


CIDEON V6 xPDM – V6 SAP Interface, developed in cooperation with Dassault Systèmes, supports data and process synchronization between Dassault Systèmes 3DEXPERIENCE Platform (ENOVIA V6) and SAP. The software makes it possible to synchronize data and process information from ENOVIA V6, such as parts, bills of materials and workflows from Engineering Central, and design and specification data from CATIA V6 with SAP.

Integration is based on a groundbreaking new concept. It is no longer necessary to run any functions or make entries through user interfaces in order to exchange information between the Dassault and SAP environments. Instead, the necessary data and process information are exchanged automatically between the systems, asynchronously and without delay.



CIDEON Software’s 3DX xPDM – SAP Integration (V6 SAP Interface) is a smart and practical solution for data exchange between 3DX and SAP. The CIDEON Synchronization Server (CSS) is the core component: policies governing bidirectional data mapping between 3DX and SAP objects are configured in the CSS. Consequently, the mapped data in the partner system also controls the underlying processes. CIDEON provides a graphical mapping editor for this purpose. Both object attributes and life-cycle and/or maturity-level attributes can be used to control the synchronization. Thus, the company can easily comply with the master data policy, resulting in consistent, reliable data and streamlined processes.


Thus, companies must have the ability to exchange data between 3DX and SAP readily, selectively and bidirectionally.


In designing the product structure and the development bill of materials, manufacturing companies must also consider global requirements such as reusing components in platform concepts or using plant- and country-specific similar and alternative components. Additionally, companies must increasingly be able to create and maintain variant bills of materials in 3DX, and to transfer customer-configured bills of materials for manufacturing into SAP.

The Benefits
The smart, fully automated synchronization by CIDEON 3DX xPDM – SAP Integration ensures that users do not have to deal with duplicate data entries. The separate initiation and control of a semi-automated synchronization is also eliminated. Simultaneously, training costs can be reduced and business processes streamlined, resulting in huge timesaving.

  • Shorter lead times
  • Lesser IT resources
  • Optimized collaboration throughout the process chain
  • Out-of-the-box use for accelerated implementation
  • Fewer errors, more transparency
  • Reliable information, correct decisions